OLAP Vision adds ProLaw as latest service offering for law firms and PSO.


Trust the Pros for your ProLaw services.

certified-prolawIt’s official and we are extremely excited to announce that we are certified services partners for ProLaw, our latest offering. Part of our continued commitment to Thomson Reuters Elite customers, we have expanded our suite of services to include this powerful legal practice management product.

We are on track as the go-to partner for Elite services, so that our customers can continue to experience great value consistent with their dealings with our team. We provide a 360-degree view and help our clients get the most out of their technology investments. ROI is important and we understand this. Firms now inhabit an era where it is more important than ever before to squeeze every ounce of value from each dollar invested.

OLAP Vision sees ProLaw as a great opportunity to allow firms to evolve as their business needs change. Seeing the great potential of this software solution for growing firms, our team went through the same rigorous training that Elite’s internal staff goes through and as a result, we are officially certified and approved to provide services for ProLaw. Said best by our VP of Global Sales, Jag Dhariwal:

“It was natural to add ProLaw to our existing services as a true testament to Elite and the high quality of their products, while at the same time demonstrating our focus and commitment to the legal and professional services industry. ProLaw customers can look forward to exceptional customer service, end-to-end project management that is delivered on time and on budget by consultants with hands-on Elite product experience.”

Consistent with our ProLaw announcement, our mission is to continue to build products and provide services that will help eliminate technology silos to ensure all the investments made in Thomson Reuters Elite software are seamlessly integrated into a single solution. We help firms easily leverage the information from their investments to make pressing business decisions in real-time and at a fraction of the cost.

To learn more about our ProLaw services visit our ProLaw page or email us at info@olapvision.com

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OLAP Vision has led the way in providing optimal budgeting & forecasting solutions for Elite legal & professional services organizations. With 15+ years of experience, we have successfully deployed over 200 Elite budgeting and reporting solutions, globally. As exclusive partners to Thomson Reuters Elite, we continue our commitment to providing expert services for cutting-edge powerful enterprise solutions. Leveraging our insight and industry specific best practices, we help firms increase efficiency, saving time and money. Our success is measured by client success with over 90% of our business coming from referrals, in addition to 73% of the AM Law 100 firms trusting us for their budgeting and reporting needs.