OLAP Vision responds to ‘best year ever’: making significant investments to support recording breaking growth in 2015

OLAP Vision responds to ‘best year ever’: making significant investments to support recording breaking growth in 2015


Significant investments in talent, product, services and global expansion.

Toronto, Canada, December 11, 2015  – OLAP Vision is in the midst of a record breaking year on track to well exceed revenue predictions for the second half of 2015. With the rapid traction and adoption of xcelerate coupled with providing unparalleled certified services for ProLaw, we are on track to reaping the benefits of staying focused and committed to world class products with the best customer service.

OLAP Vision’s accelerated growth is attributed to the success of and strong market demand for the xcelerate Budgeting and Forecasting solution built specifically for the legal and professional services industry with standard integration into Elite products. To continue our growth, we have implemented four key strategies this year to continue to provide outstanding value to our customers into 2016 and beyond:

Investment in top talent:

We have made significant investments to expand our product development and implementation teams. As a result of the rampant growth in 2015 and the projected record growth for 2016, the addition of talented and experienced resources allow for OLAP Vision to forge ahead and continue to innovate and provide solutions to keep ahead of the demands of law firms and professional services organizations.

Our product development team continues to work closely with our customers to add new features to our xcelerate Budgeting & Forecasting product line ensuring our customer are able to squeeze all the value possible to benefit their business and stay ahead of their challenges. Our implementation team is laser-focused on the needs of our customers. Our team provides best practices driven expert advice and recommendations that are custom tailored for each client, ensuring implementations are right the first time – on time and on budget.

Expansion into global markets:

OLAP Vision currently supports clients in four major global markets and continues to support international expansion through strategically placed offices in Toronto and Hong Kong. The surge of an international end user community is a true testament to the adaptability of xcelerate in all global markets and its ability to support any business case.  Given the early success in new markets, OLAP Vision plans to continue to expand its footprint to across the globe.

Growth of consulting services:

OLAP Vision further demonstrated its commitment and dedication to the legal and professional services industry by completing extensive certification training becoming an official ProLaw services partner for Thomson Reuters Elite. On the heels of over 20 years of relevant industry experience, numerous ProLaw customers have selected us to lead their implementations and the results are astounding with customer satisfaction survey results coming back with top marks. Our ProLaw certified experts are showcasing our ability to provide expert guidance from experienced resources who understand your business, provide strong value, and deliver results on time and on budget.

Investments in product development:

Rapid adoption, speed of new feature releases and numerous customer testimonials have provided testament to xcelerate’s superiority over other budgeting, forecasting and reporting solutions. As a result, referral business has been a vital part of the incredible growth of xcelerate, which continues to exceed projections and expectations. Significant R&D investments ensure that xcelerate continues to evolve with the business requirements of our Thomson Reuters Elite customers and remains the industry standard for legal and professional services budgeting and forecasting solutions. We continue to innovate and provide our customers with a seamless, unified, single solution that connects the firm through standard integration and legal/professional services industry best practices.

“It is evident that today’s legal and professional services customer is looking for a turnkey, unified budgeting, forecasting and reporting solution tailored to their business with seamless integration into Elite and other source systems. Our customers say they are blown away by how quickly xcelerate has benefitted their firm – the ROI is immediate and significant.  Our rapid implementations are best practices driven and allow for customers to reap the benefits of xcelerate in a few short weeks for quick time to value with incredible time and cost savings.” explains Ameet Kamat, Senior Director, Global Services.

This year has been pivotal for OLAP Vision with all the exciting new changes and investments in top talent, product, new services and global market expansion to support their best year ever.

“We take great pride in the expertise and dedication of our highly talented and experienced team and their ability to provide measurable value and actionable results that benefit our global customers in ways never before possible,” remarks Jag Dhariwal, VP Global Sales when asked about the success the company has seen so far in 2015. “Our customers can expect greater value and continued exciting growth in the future and depend on us to provide them with trusted, expert and high value products and services that are focused on the needs of the legal and professional services industry. The foundation is set for a bright future!”

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